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Kenya Tsavo

Kenya abandoned. All was not well in the safari camp

Kenya: we arrived excitedly… Kenya, all was not well in the safari camp. Really not. So, having arrived in Nairobi full of excitement for the month ahead in East Africa to visit Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar… we found ourselves stranded in Nairobi airport by our local Kenyan travel company. First, you wait. Then you wonder. Then you realize...

Gorge Cottage Oranjekom: Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Falls: it has a room with a view Gorge Cottage Oranjekom, wow!  How do you end 3 weeks of camping, 7,056 miles of driving and sightseeing across 3 countries in Southern Africa?  Well, by staying, here. Just look!  The King of the wilderness castle. Firstly, there are rooms with views, and then I newly declare, there are views, with rooms attached.  Hence...

Namib desert morning

Deadvlei – It’s all about timing

The Dilemma Landscape photographers and travellers all over the world  have probably seen an image taken from Deadvlei.  Most without knowing where on earth it is.  Well, it’s in Namibia.  Stuck 60km from the closest campsite or lodge, down a road going into the desert .  It’s so much of an iconic site people come from all over the world just to visit it...

Namib desert morning

Namib Desert: the solitude and the tree

Namib Desert bliss: until the tourists come. Sitting in blissful solitude in the Namib desert.  Watching the sun peep over the pink-orange pyramid of sand.  Hands and toes numb and cold to the new morning air.  Silence.  Silence.  And then. Flashes of white lights approaching like a line of oncoming invaders.  Racing furiously to catch the sunlight on the iconic...

Namibia Milky Way

Milky Way watching in Namibia

Milky Way: we are living in a snow globe We sat in darkness in the Namib Desert, man-made light completely snuffed out.  Watching the Milky Way, a thousand thousand stars and the brightest planets twist and lower above our heads as we made our way spinning through the universe. For the first time that I have ever seen it was clear that indeed, we, were moving.  And...

Mbunza tribe

Canoe, Mbunza tribesman and me: 3 things that should not go together

Mbunza visit: otherwise entitled the dug-out canoe fiasco So, we just got out of this dug-out canoe, from a crocodile and hippo-infested lake, with a Mbunza tribesman. I say got out. That’s a simplification of the situation. First, I was pushed by Iain from behind, then pulled by the tribesman from the front, before finally kind of, falling out. Tumbling if you like...