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Canada tipi

Tipi nights: camping in Canada

Tipis and Unicorns Tipi time.  So, it’s six o clock in the morning.  I’ve been awake most of the night.  But that’s not a complaint.  My bed for the night is a relatively uncomfortable wooden thing with a minimal plastic mattress.  A sleeping bag and a fluffy unicorn coloured blanket we bought in Wal-Mart to cheer up the cold Canada camping nights. And did I mention...

Canada Day

Canada: 3 things I didn’t know before

Canada stands for…? Canada.  What do you think of when you hear the word Canada?  This question was asked to Canadians and tourists on a TV show on Canada Day.  We had just arrived in Vancouver, and I hadn’t really been out and about yet so still only had my preconceived ideas. What do you think of?  My answers were typical to the other tourists in the...