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Alice leg

Leg it! What happens when you fall down a sinkhole

Leg it: What happens when you fall down a sinkhole Down, down the rabbit hole, Alice went No, I am not talking about drugs, I just like Alice in Wonderland. So anyway, I have waited a few days to get my head around this story. But yes, it is true.  I did disappear down a sinkhole. At least my entire left leg did. Now, I don’t know how this happened. No, I...

long hair village

Long hair village Huangluo: the Red Yao minority

Huangluo Long hair village: where they all have, well, long hair Welcome to Huangluo Long Hair Village, an ancient Chinese village renowned for its unique tradition of long hair (some as long as 7 feet) and its belief in rice water’s magical properties. As we explored this remote village, we became immersed in a world of age-old traditions, captivating stories and...

Dharavi enterprise

Dharavi Mumbai slum? Everything you need to know. The Slumdog Millionaire paradox

Mumbai: The haves and the have-nots Dharavi Mumbai slum? When leaving Mumbai, I took a video during take-off, and the astounding sight emerged of a vast ‘slum’. Families living alongside the major international airport in the prosperous part of the city came into view as we taxied down the runway. The sight appeared shocking to my unaccustomed, westernised eye. I had...

The Cormorant Fisherman

Li River: Guangxi Province

Li River Lodge We stayed 2 nights at the Xingping Li River Lodge.  A curious hotel that appeared to have no owner and is now no longer on the river due to a new batch of hotels springing up in front of it, shame.  We could see in its day it had been magnificent. On arrival, a random old woman told us – the owner had ‘gone to market’.  Well, it must...