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Traveller Bill

Read traveller tales around the world here with Traveller Bill.  Traveller Bill likes raspberry jam, walking and most of all meeting new people.  He especially likes to chat to people over a good pint of beer at the end of the day, which maybe results in his many ill-advised adventures.   Like the time Traveller Bill fell into a bin in America looking for his keys, only to find they were in his pocket all along .  While other times Traveller Bill is just a bit unlucky.  The noteworthy occasion a bullet ant bit him while walking in the Amazon jungle.  Or the day he broke his compass and got lost walking in the mountains.  Then there was the time he managed to fall down the side of a volcano and cut his leg.  Traveller Bill always has a good tale to tell!  Join Traveller Bill here to share in his tales.

Gone Travellin’

Traveller Bill set off around the house to say goodbye to his friends.  Then grabbed his backpack and headed off in his sandals on his round the world adventure.