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Botswana sun

African Sky: Who keeps turning the lights out at half past six in Botswana?

Lights go out: cold comes in African sky, Botswana, picture it, there you are, absorbed in the piercing red glow of the setting sun spilling across the sandy landscape.  Sipping your sundowner by the flickering fire.  Resting after the day of equally mixed awe, wonderment, humbling moments and old married couple bickering when suddenly, boom, lights out, heat off; if...

guilt free croissants

Guilt Free Croissants: Because I’m worth it

The last day As I contemplated the number of things still to be done before leaving for our round the world trip, I wondered; what should I do first?  Then I thought; go out and buy a croissant.  Better still, treat yourself.  Go out and buy a guilt-free croissant. I love croissants but I stopped eating them during one of my many diet attempts.  In some way, I think...

Sunrise in Tiaan's Camp

Tiaan’s Camp Botswana

Tiaan’s Camp Tiaan’s Camp in Khumaga at the Makgadikgadi National Park was our third stop in Botswana. While the camp spot is basic enough the views and the experience make it well worth the visit.  There is a small bar a great viewing spot over the river and good hospitality. Their main selling point though is as the gateway to the Makgadikgadi National...

Khama Rhino Sanctuary Botswana

Khama Rhino Sanctuary: Botswana

Our second stop in Botswana was about a 4 hour, relatively easy, drive from Mokolodi Nature Reserve: Botswana to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary.  Another lovely spot – although we didn’t see any rhinos!
Perhaps it would have been better to take one of their drives with a guide instead of self-driving.
Nevertheless a great experience.
Beautiful Botswana !

Good Morning Botswana

Mokolodi Nature Reserve: Botswana

First stop in Botswana So after visiting friends in Soweto our first stop was to pick up Savanna-the-Vanna from Bushtrackers in South Africa  and set off to Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Botswana. This is a lovely camp spot.  First you arrive to a main area with pool, restaurant and bar.  Then drive off into the wilderness when you are ready to set up camp.  Just you...

lion ladder climbing

Lion conundrum: Do they like to climb ladders?

Will a lion eat me? As we prepared to set off for our camping adventure in Botswana from South Africa, I returned to thinking of the question that kept me awake an entire night back home in London. Would a lion eat me? Firstly, I worked through the logistics of this scenario, step by step, in my mind. Okay, so first, get in the tent on top of the van, yes...

Beer drinking in the car wash – it’s a thing

At the car wash yeah Traveller Bill was delighted to come upon a beer drinking experience near Soweto that he had never seen before.  As a seasoned beer drinking traveller, this was no mean feat. Yes, Traveller Bill found himself in a car wash – come – pub! You drive in, park your car to be washed and polished, then skip off up the stairs to enjoy a cold...

crime abroad

Crime abroad: Stepping out of the Disney Bubble

Considering crime when travel planning Considering crime abroad when planning where we should or should not visit, a generalised opinion emerged from friends and through media that, let’s say, Africa is dangerous, America is not.  Then, shortly before leaving for our first stop in Johannesburg, South Africa, I saw a news report on the growing violence in the...