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Sepilok: Come and visit this wonderful Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre first opened in 1964. It is 25 kilometres west of Sandakan in the state of Sabah in Borneo. It was the first official orangutan rehabilitation project for orphaned baby orangutans. Many are rescued from logging sites, plantations, illegal hunting or who have been kept as pets. As a...

City of ghosts

City of Ghosts the astonishing cemetery in Vietnam. Here’s why you should visit

City of Ghosts Vietnam- Not on the usual tourist trail City of Ghosts – not what you expect to see on your tourist itinerary for the day. As indeed, it probably isn’t. Most tourists bus off to see the historical highlights of Hue, the former imperial capital city of Vietnam. Meanwhile, I had spied a colourful looking place on the internet while googling ‘what...

Kais Kids

Wonderful reunion at Kais Kids orphanage in Cambodia. It’s Party Time!

Kais Kids: finally returning When planning this round-the-world trip, two things were top of my list: one to go back to visit my friend from Death Row Dan in South Africa, and the other to return to Kais Kids orphanage in Cambodia. Over five years ago, I wanted to do some solo travelling and ended up volunteering at a rural orphanage in Cambodia called Kais Kids...

Alice leg

Leg it! What happens when you fall down a sinkhole

Leg it: What happens when you fall down a sinkhole Down, down the rabbit hole, Alice went No, I am not talking about drugs, I just like Alice in Wonderland. So anyway, I have waited a few days to get my head around this story. But yes, it is true.  I did disappear down a sinkhole. At least my entire left leg did. Now, I don’t know how this happened. No, I...

Mbunza tribe

Canoe, Mbunza tribesman and me: 3 things that should not go together

Mbunza visit: otherwise entitled the dug-out canoe fiasco So, we just got out of this dug-out canoe, from a crocodile and hippo-infested lake, with a Mbunza tribesman. I say got out. That’s a simplification of the situation. First, I was pushed by Iain from behind, then pulled by the tribesman from the front, before finally kind of, falling out. Tumbling if you like...

long hair village

Long hair village Huangluo: the Red Yao minority

Huangluo Long hair village: where they all have, well, long hair Welcome to Huangluo Long Hair Village, an ancient Chinese village renowned for its unique tradition of long hair (some as long as 7 feet) and its belief in rice water’s magical properties. As we explored this remote village, we became immersed in a world of age-old traditions, captivating stories and...