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At the car wash yeah

Traveller Bill was delighted to come upon a beer drinking experience near Soweto that he had never seen before.  As a seasoned beer drinking traveller, this was no mean feat.

Traveller Bill beer at the car washYes, Traveller Bill found himself in a car wash – come – pub! You drive in, park your car to be washed and polished, then skip off up the stairs to enjoy a cold beer.  Or in his case maybe 4.  Who is counting (not the police).

Furthermore, there was an on site braai where you could, if you wanted, have some nice bbq food to go with your choice of alcohol.

Once the nice men are finished with your car, after and hour or so, you can pop back downstairs and have a, relaxed, drive home.

Traveller Bill thought this was just fantastic and reminiscent of the good old days in Scotland.

Yes, indeed, to travel is to see new things!

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