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Viva Las Vegas

Delta does it again!  So, we finally arrived in Las Vegas via the longest route EVER.

Okay, so.  We are massively running over budget but determined not to go home so early.  So it was time to get creative.  Very creative.  Flying around the world accumulates a lot of miles right, so we decided to see where they would get us for free.  So to speak.  Well, now it may be free but holy wings you have to go all around the houses to get to where you want to be.  Here it goes…

Delta Drama

Now let me go back in time for a second.  A couple of years ago we said the words –

“We will never fly Delta again!”

Well, yes, indeed we should have stuck to that plan.  We were flying home from the States and had not one but two emergency landings on the same night – on two different planes.  It was such a drama; it even made the national news!

Mhmm.  So anyway.  First, do not ask me why, but we were to fly from Lima to Ft Lauderdale – via Atlanta.  Nearly all Delta flights go via Atlanta, sigh.

Okay, so the Ft Lauderdale bit was our planning – and it kind of makes sense concerning the rest of the trip, so just go with it.  And, we had a night in Ft Lauderdale, which was fun.

Ft Lauderdale
Ft Lauderdale beach

Be careful what you wish for

The next day we were to fly with Delta from Ft Lauderdale to Las Vegas, via Atlanta – again.  Well, now we moaned a bit about the prospect of going through Atlanta twice in two days.  Hey, be careful what you wish for.

Iain had won some Expedia vouchers through a photo competition, see beautiful photo …

Lake Wanaka
That tree at Lake Wanaka

So we chose to use it to book four nights in Las Vegas.  Hurrah!  Hoono when Delta get involved.

Delta – it almost spells Delayed. Warning sign, warning sign

Well, we sat waiting for our flight.  Delayed.  More Delayed.  So Delayed we would now miss our connection to Las Vegas and miss the whole first night there.  Grrrr.

Next thing we know we are not going to Atlanta at all.  No.  Courtesy of Delta we were moved to a flight – the following day – to fly to … Salt Lake City.  Now I don’t know if you’ve seen the Book of Mormon, but if you have you will understand all I could think, all the way was – S-a-alt Alake-a Citeeee!

Delta Salt Lake City
Flying into Salt Lake City – not in the plan!

We would then get a connecting flight to Las Vegas.  Can you guess what’s coming?

Thirteen hours late, that’s 13, and we arrived in Las Vegas.  I mean it’s not as bad as the Kenya drama I give you that.  But come on.

We have flown, literally, nearly around the world – taken 30 flights.  None, none have been a problem.  Along comes disastrous Delta.  Sigh, sigh, double sigh.

But still.  Las Vegas – who’s complaining not me!Delta Delta Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Delta Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Delta Las Vegas Delta

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