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Kenya Tsavo

Kenya abandoned. All was not well in the safari camp

Kenya: we arrived excitedly… Kenya, all was not well in the safari camp. Really not. So, having arrived in Nairobi full of excitement for the month ahead in East Africa to visit Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar… we found ourselves stranded in Nairobi airport by our local Kenyan travel company. First, you wait. Then you wonder. Then you realize...

lion ladder climbing

Lion conundrum: Do they like to climb ladders?

Will a lion eat me? As we prepared to set off for our camping adventure in Botswana from South Africa, I returned to thinking of the question that kept me awake an entire night back home in London. Would a lion eat me? Firstly, I worked through the logistics of this scenario, step by step, in my mind. Okay, so first, get in the tent on top of the van, yes...