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African Sky: Who keeps turning the lights out at half past six in Botswana?

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Lights go out: cold comes in

African sky, Botswana, picture it, there you are, absorbed in the piercing red glow of the setting sun spilling across the sandy landscape.  Sipping your sundowner by the flickering fire.  Resting after the day of equally mixed awe, wonderment, humbling moments and old married couple bickering when suddenly, boom, lights out, heat off; if you weren’t ready it’s too late now!

Who is this man in the Botswana African sky who shuts everything down so suddenly?  It must be a man, that’s not sexist.  It’s just that it’s a man kinda thing to do.  The day is done, lights off, goodnight.  Like when you go to have a shower.  Woman gets in the shower, washes herself, washes her hair, puts on some conditioner – and sets about cleaning the shower whilst waiting.  Meanwhile, Man – in wash, out.  Cleaning?  Huh?  Showers clean themselves surely?  Not being sexist; jus’ sayin’.  Anyway, the point is, it’s a guy in the African sky.  I’m sure of it.

So when camping under the African sky in Botswana you’ve got to be ready.  Firstly, it’s tent up.  Next, food away.  Then, rubbish tied up and put away (most importantly, in the neighbour’s bin; send the hyenas their way).  Finally, clothes out for the night, if you are organised enough to get changed.  And, preferably new ones for the morning.

Okay, so, this is the ideal situation.  The truth is you crawl into your tent in the dark, are too scared to move, and crawl out again in the morning.  Who needs clean clothes, it’s a safari.

Colours of Botswana

In the daytime, Botswana is a wonder Botswana is Life.  Meanwhile, everything changes spectacularly when the sun sets.  The trees take on new silhouetted shapes.  The birds and insects come to life with a loud synchronised chorus.  While suddenly a blanket of the brightest stars appear above you in every direction of your wondrous gaze.  The colours of Botswana, night and day are clear, crisp; it reminded me of the old Crayola box, the yellow-orange sun, burnt orange moon, … an orange moon.  All the colours you would have loved to have seen in real life; are all here.  Every shade emphasised.Botswana skyBefore we left we had wondered; what would we do for 12 hours a night stuck in a tent on top of a van?  Well, that’s been easy.

You peer out at the stars, at the indigo blue sky, listen to the distant howls and growls of the animals on the planes; and thank the man in the African sky for another amazing day.

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