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Guilt Free Croissants: Because I’m worth it

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The last day

As I contemplated the number of things still to be done before leaving for our round the world trip, I wondered; what should I do first?  Then I thought; go out and buy a croissant.  Better still, treat yourself.  Go out and buy a guilt-free croissant.

I love croissants but I stopped eating them during one of my many diet attempts.  In some way, I think I have been ‘on a diet’ for at least 10 years.  I reckon in that 10 years I have put on about 3 stones. Damn.  If only I had just, not, been on that diet.  I would have been happier and most probably thinner.  Well, stuff all that. The D-word is out and guilt-free living starts today.  Goodness knows what I will get to eat on my world travels but I do know I will be thankful to have whatever food comes my way.

Croissants: the guilt-free kind

guilt free croissantSo in the spirit of life is too short to worry about croissants – I bought two! That is my problem you see, always a step too far.  Anywayyy, these were special, guilt-free, croissants and I was going to enjoy them.  AND I did not buy the pre-packaged ones, nope, the fresh-baked pick your own.  Yip, if you are going to do something, you’ve got to go all out.

Guilt-free living

What is all this guilt put upon us anyway?  When I was growing up it was just called a treat!  And, calling something a treat immediately makes it taste 10 times better, doesn’t it?  None of this guilty pleasure nonsense, what is that supposed to be. It’s a treat.

Life is a treat.  Eat the croissant guilt-free.  Enjoy it, every last bit.

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